Who We Are

Doug Chapman

The owner of Take It Outdoors Adventures, a recreational company operating in North America and Europe. Doug grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and now resides in Switzerland. All of his life Doug has had a love of exploring new places and a deep passion for the great outdoors. He founded TIOA in 2010 and started running local kayaking trips in the United States, eventually adding multi-day adventures to the Canadian Outback, Pictured Rocks National Park, Adirondacks, Switzerland and more. Now living in Switzerland, Doug is very excited to help people experience the beauty and adventure of Switzerland and Europe.

Doug has his ACA kayak instructor certification and Frist Aid & CPR certifications.

Evan Hephner

Started kayaking 9 years ago and has a natural talent for it.  From running rapids on small swollen creeks with a 14’ kayak to paddling tirelessly, loaded with gear, through windy open waters with 2-3 foot swells I have never seen him falter.  Evan is a jack of many trades from horse trainer, rider, blacksmith, kayaker, navigator…I could go on.  But above all, Evan is reliable under pressure and an asset to have on any trip.

Evan has his ACA Kayak Instructor Certification and First Aid & CPR certifications

Doug Quittner (aka Sheep Dog)

Has been paddling and assisting with TIOA since the beginning and has obtained his ACA Kayak Instructor and Ski Instructor certifications. “Starting out with an inexpensive 10’ kayak I was always impressed how well he could make that little yellow barge move.” Now he paddles a sweet kayak and paddles from the back of the pack to the front of the pack (several times per trip) with ease in order to be where he is needed to assist others. He often paddles twice the distance on any given trip. Earning his name Sheep Dog as he herds the larger groups and helps to keep us together as a group and leaving no stragglers.

Doug has his Wilderness First Aid certification.

Kris Distefano

Since Kris Joined TIOA she has been a huge asset to TIOA. Kris has the natural talent of quietly gliding into the right place at the right time in order to help out where needed. Where the rest ofus sometimes lack the gentle touch of teaching and guiding, Kris is there to offer that gentle touch. Being a teacher by profession she has the patience and the eye to see where people need help and can teach them better techniques and help newer paddlers along.

Kris has her ACA Kayak Instructor Certification and NOLS Wilderness First Aid Certification

Assistant Guides

In this industry we all work together to have a safe and fun trip.  Often times we rely on the help of others to help out.  Sometimes we need people to bring up the rear of the pack, take pictures, help someone struggling, give advice, tips, bounce ideas off of when faced with a difficult decision, help load and unload kayaks and often times to simply be a friend.  To all of you “assistant guides” from the deepest part of my heart…THANK YOU.  I couldn’t do this without all of your help!!!