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Pottstown Rental Station

We offer rentable equipment (kayaks, mostly), shuttle services, and more at our Pottstown Rental Station! Click the button below to learn more.

Pottstown Rental Station

Be sure to check out the "Services" section below to learn about our free Skype session. This is where we talk face-to-face via Skype about the kind of trip that you want, and how we can help you. After this, you will be able to decide whether or not we can be of service to you.

We utilize Meet up, social media and word of mouth to organize local trips. These trips range from kayaking, hiking, camping, tourism, cycling etc., and can be 1 - 14 days long. Our goal is to create an open and friendly community where people can get out, meet new people and escape the stress of everyday life.

  • Day Trips – Come out for a few hours and let your stress float away. Join us and explore our local water ways, hiking trails and bike trials. All of our trips will help you escape the grind, make new friends and enjoy some time outdoors.
  • Multi Day Trips. 2-7 day trips. These trips range from an overnight camping trip to 8 days in Switzerland. We organize shuttles, permits, meals, routes, etc. We do all the work so you can simply enjoy your experience. If you don’t have the gear let us know. We have rental gear available.
  • Wednesday Evening Paddles – Wednesday paddles are a great and inexpensive way to get to know TIOA and our community of outdoor adventurers. If you have your own boat they are free. If you need a kayak, rentals are available for only $25. For the trips that require a shuttle add $10.
**After our local trips we usually gather at a local restaurant. This is a great way to relive the trip and bond with new friends. Our only requirement is that the restaurant must serve quality craft beer**
Have a group but don’t know what to do? We work closely with you during the planning stages to make sure we plan activities that fit the desires, needs, budget, fitness and skill level of your group. Before we give you a quote we will have a conversation to ascertain what you want out of your trip. We will then cater a trip specific to your group’s needs.
We are passionate about working with Non-Profit Organizations. When you hire TIOA you hire a partner. We love what you do to help our community and we want to help you in any way we can. If you have an idea, but don’t know how to execute it just let us know and perhaps we can help make your idea a reality. We work with several other non-profits (Schuylkill River Heritage Area, Fairmount Water Works, Schuylkill Headwaters Association, etc.) if you want recommendations.

You Dream It, We Plan It – We have connections and knowledge of locations across the USA, Switzerland, and Europe. We cater trips to everyone from the tourist on a budget, to Ski Groups, to the adventurer.

  • Bike Switzerland – whether you are a casual rider, road cyclist or a mountain biker Switzerland is extremely bike friendly. You can decide if you want to only use a bike for your travels or a combination of trains, buses and bikes. If you prefer a guide for part of your trip we have relationships with several certified bike guides (especially helpful for mountain bikers).
  • Hiking Switzerland – Hiking Switzerland gives you several benefits – you will experience Switzerland in a unique way, have countless stunning views and experience Swiss hospitality in its amazing hut system. Hiking not only gives you a unique experience, but it can also help you keep your budget down.
  • Ski Switzerland – The options are endless. Regardless if you are a world class skier or beginner skier you will find some of the best slopes and some of the best views in the world. We also have a trip where you can ski the French, Italian and Swiss Alps in one amazing trip.
  • Experience Switzerland like a local – Sometimes you want to experience a new place, not as a tourist, but as a local. For these trips we rent a car and experience a Switzerland that most tourists don’t get to experience.
  • Kayak Switzerland – from lakes, to easy flowing rivers to white water we have guides and instructors who can show you some of the best paddling in the world.
  • Historical Sites & Castle Tours - If you enjoy history, historic castles, churches and buildings then Switzerland is the place for you.

**NOTE – Switzerland is our base of operations but Germany, France and Italy are very close. We have knowledge and contacts in these regions also. Often times it’s best to experience a couple of countries while you are here**

All trips can be custom tailored to meet your desires. Contact us to discuss what kind of trip you desire and we can customize every aspect of the trip (budget, locations, lodging arrangements, size of group, season, activities, length of stay, etc.) to accommodate you and your group. We will be more than happy to create the trip of your dreams.

Traveling abroad can be a bit daunting. Foreign languages, customs, driving laws, currency, hidden charges, etc. can add stress and unnecessary costs to your vacation. We can help you with all of this! Our passion is helping people get the most enjoyment possible from their vacation. We do this by eliminating the stress and fear of the unknown. We can help you with reservations, trip ideas, transportation, local customs and ways to save money. This is our home and we can give you tips and recommendations that you might not find in the brochures or on the internet. We can meet you at the airport to assist you with getting your trip started on the right foot.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Should I rent a car or use the train system?
  • When should I use cash or credit card?
  • Is this a particular tourist attraction worth the money, or is there something similar at a lower cost?
  • What are my options if the weather is bad?

** Did you know that an internet search in the USA will bring up different results then a search here in Switzerland? There are options available that you won’t find, unless you know what to look for**



During this Skype session we will talk about what type of trip you want and ways that I can help you. After this session you can decide whether or not I can be of service to you.
(1) Skype Session (up to an hour). During this Skype session I will answer any questions you may have and give your ideas, potential routes, where to stay, money saving tips (well worth the $125) and give you information to help you plan your trip. $125
Everything the Bronze Package above offers plus (2) additional Skype sessions $325
Unlimited Skype sessions and emails, meet at the airport, and 24/7 availability via phone and email during your stay $500
We do it all. Based on your budget and desires we will put together your entire trip, make reservations (up to the point of payment) etc. After our initial conversation we will put together an itinerary and submit it along with an estimated cost. We will then rework the trip until you are completely satisfied. We will also meet you at the airport to welcome you and go over your itinerary. I feel that during my planning service I can save you most, if not all, of the $800 service charge. $800